What is biomechanics?

May 7th, 2019

Biomechanics is the scientific discipline that applies the principles of mechanics to human movement. Biomechanics incorporates the concepts of engineering and physics in order to understand normal and pathological motion, physical performance, and mechanisms of injury. This is the study of how and why we move. By measuring the motion and forces applied to the body during human movement, potential causes of dysfunction can be identified. Typical Physical Therapy or Personal Training assessments do not utilize biomechanical assessments due to a lack of sufficient equipment and expertise to perform this type of assessment. A great deal of guesswork and assumption becomes necessary without the ability to measure force and motion during activity. Accurate assessment of walking, running, jumping, cutting or cycling activities are impossible without the aid of specialized equipment. The use of high-speed cameras, force measuring systems and EMG telemetry are required to accurately record and measure motion and forces.