Patient Testimonials

  • Ryan is a wonderful physical therapist. When I first came to see Ryan my neck was in so much pain from an accident that I was experiencing migraines several times a week. My range of motion was atrocious. Ryan’s skill and care began to make a difference immediately with the number of headaches I was experiencing. I have been able to increase my range of motion with Ryan’s help and I haven’t had a migraine in months. Thank you, Ryan, and the whole Canyon Sports Physical therapy team!

    T. D.

  • Danny has made it possible for me to return to normal activities without pain. I have appreciated his knowledgeable and capable skill in treating my physical limitations. Danny, thank you so much!


  • I came in with inner ankle pain that made it impossible to run, balance for exercise and kept me from my athletic goals. I looked online, getting ankle supports but they did not help. When I finally came into Canyon Sports Therapy, John took one look at my “ankle supports”, set it aside, and explained the whole system of my mechanics. A stiff right hip extender and limited ankle mobility were contributing to my problem. My program was set to deal with each of those issues.  After three sessions, I am back to running. It has been great working with them!


  • Getting injured never feels good. Beyond the pain, the lack of mobility, and the ability for your body to perform as you are used to, confidence can also be shattered. Ryan helped me heal; regain strength, mobility- and gain back my confidence. I was inspired by his patience, his belief that I could come back stronger. He pushed me to do more than I thought I could- each week. Thank you, Ryan, for helping me to regain my strength and confidence!


  • Canyon Sports Therapy is The BEST! I’ve had knee issues for a long time that have hindered my ability to do my favorite things and at times I have felt hopeless that it would never get better. Danny and all the assistants are the best. With their help, I feel I can finally get back to doing the things I love without any pain or discomfort. I really, really don’t know what I would’ve done without the treatment I received here at Canyon Sports Therapy.


  • I arrived at physical therapy in mid-November after a fall and neck injury. Ryan gave me excellent exercises and therapy that improved my pain in January. I asked if we could focus on my knee after a TKR- 5 years ago in both knees. I had weakness in the left knee especially due to a patella tendon tear. Ryan worked not only on strengthening my knee but also increasing my brain awareness. INCREDIBLE SUCCESS! Every knee movement has improved and I feel more confident in exercising and daily movements. After six knee surgeries and shoulder injuries, I have vast experience with physical therapists. Ryan excels and exceeded all my physical therapy expectations. I appreciated the one-on-one, his thoughtful explanations, and his attention. I have and will continue to refer everyone I know to Ryan and Canyon Sports Therapy!!! 5 Stars and beyond*****


  • Danny is a true pro! He got me from hip surgery to skiing and running in three months. He knew exactly how hard to push me and when to push hard in accomplishing my lofty expectations for recovery. 100% Satisfied with his experience and my results!

    S. S.

  • I worked with Ryan for injuries to both my knee and shoulder. I felt the help and care were outstanding! I would recommend the services Canyon Sports Therapy provides to anyone who is in need.


  • I came in with knee pain and a prescription for physical therapy. Caitlin did a thorough initial work-up and led me through strengthening exercises that have helped significantly in just four visits. The success was great enough that I’m motivated to continue the work at home. Everyone in the office was very kind and friendly- a person-oriented place makes a big difference. Thank you!


  • Danny Hansen’s Fix-In-Clinic can solve my problems- especially for those whose warranty is expired and parts keep breaking.


  • I had an ACL reconstruction surgery and didn’t have a full range of motion in my knee after 6 months in physical therapy. When I came to Canyon Sports Therapy it was my last chance to get it fixed or I had to get a second surgery. I had an improvement after just one visit! After a few months of working with Ryan, I am back to normal and will not need surgery. I should have come here sooner. Canyon Sports Therapy is amazing! Thank you!!


  • After almost a year of constant hip pain. I started treatment with Ryan at Canyon Sports Therapy. He did a comprehensive evaluation and immediately eased me into a routine to start feeling better. The combination of treatments and exercise almost immediately eased the pain and in a short time, I was back to nearly pain-free, doing activities I love at a high level again! Thank you!


  • Ryan was amazing! He fixed my knee and now I can bike and ski again! Great job!


  • Historically, I have always gone to Canyon Sports Therapy for my ski-related injuries, i.e. shoulder, neck, hips, IT bands, and knees and I have always had successful outcomes.


  • After a day of skiing, I was living with constant pain in my back and a stiff neck that wouldn’t go away. Ryan identified the location of the discomfort in the right trapezius muscle and provided a clear explanation of how the trapezius extends into the neck. Knowing what the problem has removed the uncertainty and provided peace of mind. Ryan’s therapy restored my trapezius and allowed me to resume skiing. Canyon Sports Therapy was there when I needed them.


  • I came in with pain in my knee from an exercise injury. I was skeptical about how physical therapy would remedy the issue. After my time at CST not only did we heal the injury, I learned so much about how my body moves and what I need to do to make sure I exercise correctly to avoid injury. I’ve learned how to exercise for my entire body not only my knees. We also addressed the way I walked and am thrilled I can avoid knee replacement down the line. Bonus is everyone is so friendly and it feels like family, it was truly a pleasure coming to sessions.


  • With the expertise of Canyon Sports Therapy, I gained full range of motion and the ability to walk normally in a very short period of time. The continued therapy and encouragement has given me the confidence and ability to return to my sport of figure skating. The attention to detail by John and the staff made this PT experience a pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to return to my normal life.


  • I just want to thank the crew for all the hard work getting me back better than before. Thanks for pushing me to get my strength back so much better than it’s been in a long time. Thank you!

    You’re awesome!!!


  • This is the end of my third time and it was more successful the ever. I recovered in no time thanks to my man Dan!


  • When you go to Physical Therapist you expect certain things. Each therapist will work on strengthening and fixing the problem area. I have worked with therapists in the eastern US and when I moved to Utah and needed a problem area resolved, someone recommended Canyon Sports Therapy.

    I found that the professionalism, knowledge, and overall competence of the therapists at Canyon Sports Therapy to be of the highest caliber. I cannot recommend Danny Hansen any more highly. Danny is extremely effective at identifying what has to be accomplished and then works very hard to fix the problem.

    I can’t thank him enough.


  • The difference in walking normally is noticeable. Using both knees equally while walking. Always felt welcome at the clinic. Felt they cared about my condition and wanted to see improvement/ Friendly people- efficient. Always kind and helpful, but requires hard work- glad for good results.

    I believe that I will miss the personal attention, but know that I will continue to work hard at my exercises because I know this is expected from the clinic.



  • Fall of 2014 damaged the top tendon of my right rotator cuff climbing. Had surgery, then had PT with Danny. After 3 months of PT I was at 100% and have been active without pain or other problems since.

    Fall of 2016 diagnosed with severe tendonitis in my left forearm. After 2 months of PT I’m 85% of normal while not having severe pain in most activities using my left arm now. I can do all arm, movement/ exercises without discomfort except for limited strength movement in one motion. This is improving and is now low to no consequences with almost all activities.


  • TH

  • I came to Canyon Sports upon recommendation of a running friend who told me she thought the therapist’s and doctors were “magic”. At that time I needed some magic. I was in a lot of pain. Lots of tears while driving long distances and sometimes in the night. My first visit was amazing. When I left, I felt there was hope. I drove that day and while the pain was not gone, it was tolerable. Each visit improved my condition. I am so grateful for all the help. The little things were painful, I now do without thinking. The harder things, I can do knowing I can manage without pain.

    Thank you so much!


  • I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The team at Canyon Sports Therapy always had a positive approach and also a reassuring approach with the treatments prescribed. I was able to talk with them and tell them how I felt. The teaching was excellent. I was always sure of what I was to do and how I was to accomplish it. After the #1 appointment, I was noticeably better and that was encouraging for me. I feel that my time and my therapists time was used in a beneficial way because now my energy and sense of being are much improved.

    Thank you Canyon Sports Therapy!


  • I came to Canyon Sports for hip tendonitis pain. I have gained strength and range of motion and the hip pain has decreased. I will be able to do the activities such as biking and skiing without the pain in my hip.


  • My experience at Canyon Sports Therapy was wonderfully positive. The entire staff- front desk, aides, physical therapists and the director were always welcoming, informed and interested in my personal progress. The initial goal was to repair strength and mobility after knee surgery, and that goal was achieved.

    But I gained much more than that. I was under the care of a very knowledgeable and highly skilled physical therapist. She gave me the “tools” that will enable me to live an active, injury-and-pain-free lifestyle into old age. She possesses an invaluable professional commitment and work ethic. I was grateful for her insight, her energy and her encouragement. It was a challenge and a delight to work with and learn from her.

    I will always be grateful to all of you at Canyon Sports Therapy!