Acute Injury Treatment Holladay, UT

Acute Injury Treatment

Your Specialists in Acute Injury Treatment in Salt Lake City UT and Surrounding Area

Get in and get treated immediatly. There is no waiting line if you have just been injured. The faster we can get to work on your new injury, the faster you are going to heal and be back on your game. Our Therapists are ready to address your injury as soon as you can get here.

Whether you sustain a fracture, ACL injuries, shoulder dislocations, abrasions or sprains, Canyon Sports Therapy is a first stop for acute injury treatment in Salt Lake City UT.

If you pull a muscle skiing, feel a painful twinge in your back after lifting a heavy object, or suddenly feel severe knee pain after a run or ankle pain after a fall, you may have sustained a fracture, sprain or strain.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that attention is needed. It is a warning system to protect you from further injury of a muscle or joint that has already sustained too much force.

We have earned a distinguished reputation for our scientific and effective approach to evaluation and treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

Acute Injury Treatment starts with thorough analysis of the patient’s condition

Our approach to acute injury treatment starts with a thorough analysis of your condition.  For example, should you have a knee injury we would thoroughly evaluate the state of the muscles, ligaments and bones involved; we may even use one of our KT1000 to evaluate the state of your ACL and PCL. Once we feel that your condition is understood we initiate immediate therapy to control swelling. It is vital to us that you completely understand your injury and are instructed in the exact steps needed to optimize your healing.  If it is determined that your injury requires further studies such as X-Rays, CT scans or an MRI we can quickly expedite getting you assessed and usually the same day. Canyon Sports Therapy has over 24 years of being on the front line of orthopedic rehabilitation in Salt Lake City. We can help direct you to an ideal MD choice for your specific condition.

Our goal in acute injury treatment is to optimize the healing process and get you on the road to recovery as fast as possible. For more information, Contact Us today at our center in Holladay, UT. We also offer proficient physical therapy services in nearby areas of Salt lake city, Sandy & Cottonwood Heights, UT.