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Physical Therapy

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Our mission is to restore your physical ability and bring out your inner athlete

Canyon Sports Therapy is a Physical Therapist owned clinic serving nearby locations including: Holladay,Cottonwood Heights, Millcreek, Murray, Sandy and Salt Lake City.

Your journey to life without pain begins with a thoughtful, scientific and thorough analysis of your injury or condition that takes place on your initial visit with us. We not only study your body and determine the cause of your pain, but we feel it is vital to take time to talk with you to understand how your pain is impacting your quality of life and what your ultimate goals are.

Our evidence based quantitative and qualitative analysis will be the basis for your treatment plan. Expect to have an in-depth conversation about your expectations and habits in working, playing, exercising and resting to ensure that your therapy is effective.

Whether you suffer from low back, hip, knee or ankle/foot pain our biomechanical approach to Physical Therapy is your most complete and fastest way to get out of pain and back doing the activities you enjoy without fear of re-injury or recurrence of the symptoms.

On your first visit to our clinic, you can expect to receive immediate treatment beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to determine the best treatment options and to develop a treatment plan designed to optimize your healing and progress you back to your activities as rapidly as possible.

We are distinguished in our field for our use of biomechanical testing that takes the guesswork out of diagnosis and accurately measures the abnormal forces and motions during your routine activities. We utilize our specialized high-speed cameras, force measuring systems, and EMG telemetry to measure and record body movement, muscle function and how gravitational forces are affecting joints and soft tissues. Canyon Sports Therapy in Holladay / Cottonwood Heights is fortunate to have one of the most state of the art gait labs in Utah. This allows us a unique MRI type vision into seeing what is actually causing our client’s soft tissue stress (strain) and pain. Once identified we can now treat and eliminate the actual cause(s) of your pain unlike so many other available therapies that may only treat your symptoms.

When possible we reproduce and record the exact activity that our patients do when they notice their symptoms.  We often recommend a walking or running gait analysis designed to better objectify any movement impairments which may be contributing to your soft tissue stress/strain. We also utilize University research based (Return To Sport Testing) and (Injury Risk Assessment) for both recreational and competitive athletes. These tests help identify any limitation including your readyness to get back in the game. They also expedite your valuable training time by identifying which specific exercises or activities you need to focus on. Our goal is to get you back to your sport exploring the limits of your ability,safely without fear of re-injury.

In some instances it may be determined that poor foot mechanics have contributed to a patient’s movement dysfunction and or soft tissue pain. In thoes cases we have an in house orthotic Lab to fabricate custom orthotics. The advantage is that we not only make orthotics but we can test that they are actually doing their job. Our patients are happy to know that we guarantee all our orthotics work. We believe that prescription orthotics have a specific purpose to actually correct something as well as be comfortable. For more information, Contact Us today at our center in Holladay, UT. We also offer proficient physical therapy services in nearby areas of Salt lake city, Sandy & Cottonwood Heights, UT.