Alignment Services

We usually relegate alignment as the last procedure in ski boot fitting or bike shoe fitting. Unfortunately, it can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a frustrating one. The best formula 1 race car becomes useless when its suspension is only slightly out of alignment. The human body behaves the same in these sports. Many a painstakingly fit ski boot fit has resulted in poor performance and sore feet when the alignment was not addressed. Be assured that your alignment will be measured during and at the end of your fitting session with us and options discussed how to address this.

Some of the corrections may require that we cant or realign your ski boot in reference to the bottom of the ski. This is typically accomplished with shaving or grinding the bottom of your boot, shimming or the addition of angled plates. Your specific hip and pelvic mobility is always taken into account whenever we make these changes. Following this realignment, we will completely reassess your fit. This is not something a typical ski shop boot fitter is trained to precisely address.

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