Custom Boot Fitting Holladay, UT

Custom Boot Fitting

With over 30 years of custom ski boot and shoe fitting John has developed literally a worldwide following. His clients have traveled from as far away as Hong Kong and frequently the east coast. He has helped find winning solution for world cup as well as competitive free and freestyle skiers alike. He takes an individualized approach with every skier he fits.

A Good boot fitting should never be rushed. Your boot fitting experience is best begun with a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation. This has multiple benefits. Most importantly it helps identify which boot fitting measures will optimally align with your body’s unique geometry. This results in a more precise boot fitting with less subsequent fit issues and repeated adjustment. For example, “should we (grind), (punch) or support a given area to allow precise relief or more broad ankle articulation?” Should your fit promote more or less lateral support? Expect a typical recreational boot fitting to require 1-2 hours work and a race boot fitting 2-4 hours. Either may include custom orthotics, Canting and custom liners. One often asked question is: “How many days does a ski boot last before they need to be replaced? Ski boots tend to break down and wear out at different rates. Many variable affect ski boot breakdown. These include stiffness or durometer of the plastic, weight and aggressiveness of the skier, temperature i.e. warm weather will break a boot down significantly faster than cold weather skiing. We generally recommend stiffer and more erect boots which give better lateral support as well as help prolong ski boot life. Generally a well fit recreational ski boot should last 2-3 seasons with regular use for most individuals. Those individuals with very precise support needs may require an occasional tune up and more frequent replacement.

It is important to note that one of the largest contributing factors to ski injury is poorly sized and ill fitting ski equipment. Ski boots that fit well should allow you exceptional comfort and balance. The end result should be relaxed precise control of your skis.

Custom Boot Fitting: 80.00/hr USD

Ski Orthotics: 250.00 USD
This includes all boot fitting necessary to interface the foot and orthotic as well as any punching or grinding and cuff alignment.

Canting: 190.00 USD
Typically takes 1.5 hours and includes testing and all materials in order to safely modify the soles of both ski boots.

Extra hourly boot fitting fees may be necessary when fitting down shell sized race boots requiring extra grinding and or continual disassembly/reassembly.

A typical boot fitting session costs 425 USD which includes biomechanical analysis, ski orthotics and boot fitting and alignment testing. Additional fees not included: canting, custom foam liners or extra time incurred for shell fitting race boots. For more information, Contact Us today at our center in Holladay, UT. We also offer proficient physical therapy services in nearby areas of Salt lake city, Sandy & Cottonwood Heights, UT.