Return to Sport Testing Holladay, UT

Return to Sport Testing

Return to Sport Assessment

Canyon Sports Therapy has adopted the return to Sport Assessment developed By Christopher Powers, PhD, PT, FACSM, FAPTA, associate director of USC’s Division of Biokenesiology. This evaluation is designed to assess the biomechanical readiness of the individual to return to competitive or recreational sport participation following injury or surgery (i.e. ACL reconstruction) You will be taken through a series of tests to assess balance, running symmetry, and muscle strength. In addition we use high speed cameras and an instrumented treadmill to analyze movements consistent with your sport (i.e. jumping cutting, lateral movements, etc.). The videos are then analyzed for biomechanical tendencies that may place you at risk for re-injury. Clients receive a “Return to Sports Score” that is used to establish return to sports timelines and focus the individual’s rehabilitation and or return to sport training program.

Injury Risk Screening

Using the same procedures as the Return to Sports Test, we assess the non-injured athletes to identify potential biomechanical risk factors that expose one to future injury. The outcomes of the testing are used to develop an individualized training program aimed at mitigating injury rick and to improve athletic performance.

Return to Sport/Injury Prevention Training

Canyon Sports Therapy specializes in return to sport/injury prevention training. Training typically begins before the end of the individuals formal Physical Therapy rehabilitation or after Return to Sport Evaluation or Screening. All training is one on one and focuses on improving muscle strength, power, speed, and agility as well as reducing the biomechanical risk factors related to injury. Feedback training using high speed video and muscle activation sensors are used to assist the athlete to achieve peak performance. For more information, Contact Us today at our center in Holladay, UT. We also offer proficient physical therapy services in nearby areas of Salt lake city, Sandy & Cottonwood Heights, UT.