Our Practice

Canyon Sports Therapy provides the most comprehensive approach available to help you treat your injuries allowing you to get back to the activities you love.  We pride ourselves on providing every one of our patients a personalized understanding and awareness of your body’s unique movement patterns (good and bad) and long term needs for idealized physical movement, whether you are a student, active worker, top athlete or approaching a time when using your body well is vital for ensuring that the golden years are just that.

We believe that one of the most powerful tools for avoiding injuries and utilizing your body’s capabilities safely and most effectively emanates from a core understanding of how your distinctive body shape, capabilities, and limitations drive your movement patterns, at work and at play, at all ages of your life.

Whether you visit us to heal an ACL, rehab a sore elbow, or because you have never been able to clear that aching back pain, our journey starts with an analysis of your condition, and an understanding of your goals in coming to see us. We apply that approach whether you got hurt on the job, are an athlete or a top competitor, or somebody who just needs a boost in coping with an ongoing and nagging ailment or limitation. That quantitative and qualitative analysis will guide your personalized therapy plan, while our ongoing conversations about how you work, play, rest and exercise will coalesce to create a transformed awareness and more effective long term plan for using your body’s distinct physiological capabilities.We consider our work a success when you have healed the catalyst that brought us together, are able to get back to work or play, and when you have embraced a new and transformed way to use your body well over time, given its unique characteristics and amazing capabilities. For more information, Contact Us today at our center in Holladay, UT.